Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barerose Tokyo's 5 Year anniversary Fashion show releases (Part 2)

Over the weekend we had 2 fashion shows for our 5 year anniversary
featuring 18 brand new outfits, today June is releasing 10 of them
to you :) (Part 2 showning the other 5 fashion show releases)

❤Cute Virgo❤
Cute line of zodiac outfits. combining Anime/Sweet Lolita with a Zodiac theme.
Includes both Pink and Purple colors each includes colorful Kawaii dress with lace trim,gloves, stockings, wings, shoes, and tiarra.
 As with the Neo Zodiac, will make them for every month.

★Neo Virgo★
New line of zodiac sign outfits. Has a main armor design but with Brand New Heaven look hems added to it. We will make them every month for each zodiac sign. Gold and Silver colors are included each with white flowing robe, armored pieces , wings, boots, and halo.

❤Neo Virgo Lady❤
Ladies version of Neo Virgo. as with the mens version features armor design but tailored to fit a womens curves.
The outfit was from a customer suggestion and Silver and gold colors are included We will also make all of zodiac signs in each month in a set.

Female outfits for the group RiZ, pop cute dress with flowers on both the dress and head dress. Blue, Green and pink colors are included the set.

❤The Fool Lady❤
Features tarot card theme with a jester as the main theme. The outfit is made with beautiful stripe textures with colorful trim. Includes the hat, shoes, and magical stick. Photo stand included in the set to make own tarot card photo.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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