Monday, August 23, 2010

Barerose Tokyo's 5 Year anniversary Fashion show releases

Over the weekend we had 2 fashion shows for our 5 year anniversary
featuring 18 brand new outfits, today June is releasing 10 of them
to you :) My first post will show 5 of them and ill post the other 5 later tonight .

Beautiful Oiran kimono with Kinbaku (Japanese BDSM,like harness) style.
Kimono, Hair, Kanzashi (flowered Hairpin),and boots are all included.

❤The Empress❤
Final designed Fashion show outfit featuring a stunning main color purple gown, with multi colored trim.
Also has flower and beadwork on both the top and skirting, includes gloves, and jewelery set (tiarra,bracelets,ckoker, rings,and wand) 
As a bonus also includes pose box with its own throne and scenery!

Outfit orginally designed for the group Space Junky. Sodept is the goddess of egypt of the star Sirius. The outfit is based on the legend and made combining egyptian and cyber themes. Both Blue and Purple colors are included with the set.

Mens Edition of Sopdet. Aten is the disk of the sun in the Egyptian legend. As with the girls edition it features egyptian and cyber themes. Blue and Red colors are included with the set.

❤T.L.O.R. - The Language of Rose❤
Original designed dress for the group Piatto. Its design is based on the language of flowers (Roses) and color scheme tuned for the word.
4 colors included White-Respect, PaleOrange-Innocence, Blue-Miracle, and Red-Passion.
Each dress features lots of lace, flowers, and beadwork along with headdress, socks, and gloves.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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