Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barerose Tokyo 5 year anniversary flikr contest winners

We hope everyone had a great time at our Anniversary weekend :)
The Flikr contest winners were awarded and now id like to post the winning photos , it was really hard to pick the winners with so many beautiful entries so thank you to everyone who entered the contest.
Here are our winners!
◈ 1st Place: Ocean Blackthorne
◈ 2nd Place: Jill Black
◈ 3rd Place (3 way tie)
Snuma Whitfield
Bella Slade
Wakapa Hermit

1st Ocean Blackthorne

2nd Jill Black

3rd (Tie) Bella Slade

3rd (Tie) Wakapa Hermit

3rd (Tie) Snuma Whitfield

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