Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

Having A nice lazy day off from work today ..I hope everyone else is too :)
Please remember all your loved ones and freinds
who serve in the military or have served. They are what this day is all about !
I'll be honoring My father who isnt with us any longer but served for 20+ years .

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Liking the new stuff :)

Ive been having a lot of fun with the new flexi-prims released in the last patch . Ive made soem flowing flags i made just to play around but since they seem to be turning out good i may try to sell them :)
I have country flags so far but will expand them ti include all sorts of flags and designs.
Speaking of flexi-prims Miss June at Bar rose and Six from Girl six both made soem really nice Flexi-prim hair they are so cool the way they move.
I've seen some of the new skirts too they are so pretty how they move.
Im sure the hair and clothes will even get better as designers learn to use them more. =)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big patch Finally coming tomorrow :)

Well ready or not the new version 1.10 patch is coming Tomorrow Wednesday the 24th . Lots of new and cool changes so I thought I would post the notes here :)

Here are the tentative release notes for 1.10:==========Features:* Hardware lighting** Any primitive in Second Life may be turned into a light*** Light properties are radius, color, intensity, and falloff** New options in the Preference panel indicate the type of lighting you want to use*** "Sun or Moon only" is best for low-performance hardware**** Everything in-world is lit in real time by the sun or moon only*** "Nearby Lights" is available for any hardware configuration**** Everything in-world is lit by sun or moon and up to six nearby light sources** More information about the new lighting system is available here:**** Flexible objects** Cube, prism and cylinder primitive types can now be made flexible as a client-side effect** Simulation parameters for material and responsiveness to gravity and wind ** Objects that are flexible cannot be physical and are always phantom** Use of these is currently limited to preserve framerate as they increase amount of client-side processing* Occlusion culling** Frame rate is improved when objects that would normally be rendered are hidden from view** FPS will be significantly improved when inside a structure*** Windows or other transparent surfaces will decrease effectiveness as objects in view will be rendered, whether or not they are within the structure** Toggle with CTRL-SHIFT-o on all platforms* New "Click Action" functionality for objects** Object creators can select a default left-click action for objects:*** Touch (default), Sit, Buy, Pay, or Open** These actions happen immediately when a resident left-clicks on the object, without a menu** Builders set the action in the build tools "General" panel, at the bottom** Click actions override touch events for scripts*** If you want the touch behavior, be sure "touch (default)" is the click action** You can't set "Buy" as the action unless an object is for sale** "Sit" should be useful for both chairs and vehicles** "Open" should be useful for vendors that sell packaged objects* Updated functionality for the Top Scripts/Top Colliders dialog ** Improvements allow Estate owners to return or disable offending objects*** Disabling an object makes it non-physical and disables all scripts* Classified ads now have an auto-renew option

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday downtime

Well Second life is down for an udate but stangely its not the big update 1.9.1 that was expected. This is some sort of hardware update so I will post the announcement here so you can read it for yourself. :)


In the interest of ensuring that we continue to improve the Second Life experience for all of our users, we have decided to temporarily postpone the release of 1.9.1. We will continue to release updated versions of 1.9.1 on the preview grid for testing.However, we will still be bringing the grid down for some hardware upgrades, as well as for some updates of our server side code. A new viewer will not be required. These changes will occur between 6:00AM and 12:00 noon tomorrow, Wednesday May 10th.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

missed a few days =)

Not much going on today , lazy Sunday hee.
I checked out Gurl six's New hair today wow I suggest you do also. Every few days shes coming up with a new hair style.
At Bare@rose Miss June has been busy again creating some of her masterpieces =) Go check her store out too as she makes something new just about every day .

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday =)

Good News =)
My Doctor has taken me off the harsh medication I was on so I am so happy!
I finally can start feeling normal again ^^
Will post more later tonight *hugs*

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, this afternoon is the day i go back to the doctor to see if Im well enough to go off the serious medication im on, Im very nervous and anxious about it :/
Could use all the thoughts i can today =D
Will post more later with the results ..crosses her fingers =)

Tuesday May2nd

Spent some time chatting with Six Kennedy tonight, shes such a sweetie !
And bought a new hairstyle at her brand new store called lately.
If you havent seen it yet I suggest you do its huge =)
She was so sweet and gave me the blonde tossed hair pack .I really like this style ...I posted 2 pics of it above =D

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is a pic I took of me wearing Sze lingerie =D