Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo 2/10/08

❤Low Rise Heavy Cargo❤ + ★Heavy Cargo★
Casual fun set for the girls and guys featuring Super baggy cargo pants with sculpted pockets and accents (5 Colors Included) Also includes printed tees (3 colors Each), Necklace and braclet!

New today and available only in our Haute Couture store , ❤Bellisima❤ realistic handbags.
There are 4 colors available and each color includes 4 different bags each with its own holding animation.
❶Clutch bag (L.Hand)
➋Arm bag (left Forearm)
➌Shoulder (left Upper arm)
➍Hand holding (L. hand)

Wonderful casual outfit with open jacket( with sculpted prim parts) , white shirt , and matching pants ^^
Also included is a scarf, and it as well as the jacket and pants come with all 4 colors shown!

☑ Heavy Cargo and Albert available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

☑ Bellissima Bags available @ Barerose Haute Couture store location
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Couples Outfits today @ Barerose Tokyo!

❤Eclipse❤ + ★Eclipse Knight★
Womens version features Unique Gothic lolita dress with unique skirt, top with lots of ribbons and lace, stockings, headdress and wings.
The Mens Version Includes Jacket with sculpted accents, belted skirting, Black and White wings, hat , gloves, and pants (Plus 1 additional part for furry avatar feet)

★Darkened Heart★ + ❤Silent Heart❤
Mens Version features leather outfit in 3 colors!
Includes detailed top and skirting with sculpted parts, pants, arm and leg prims , mask attachment and figertip claws ^^
Womens version features long leather dress in 3 colors!
Has revealing top with sculpted accents, skirt, mask, optional "open" jacket in 3 colors, stockings , & deadly assasin fingers ^^

★Bishop★ + ❤Bishop Lady❤
Bishop includes black and white versions with extensively decorated cape, hat, pants , & lower skirt
Bishop Lady features both black and white versions and each has beautifuly detailed capes (2 styles for each color), shirt, pants, stockings, and hats

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2 beautiful new releases + new Valentines lucky chair prizes @ Barerose Tokyo

Its still cold out but maybe this beautiful springtime dress will make spring come quicker =)
Maika features cute floral dress and hooded parka sweater in 4 colors!
There are tons of variations including wearing just the dress, the dress with parka, or parka with capri pants (all included)
Bonus choker also included!

❤Spring Hearts❤
Beautiful Lingerie set featuring several layers of lace parts including bra, panties, stockings , garters, gloves and optional babydoll skirt =)
All 3 colors shown are included!

June set up the lucky chairs in the main store and vip only area of White wolf (Kyande Koneko)
You can win either the female prize ❤Valentines Openi❤
Or the male prize ★Valentines Tuxedo★

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Monday, February 02, 2009

5 New Items @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Heart Tiara❤
Beautiful jewelry set just in time for Valentines day. <3
Includes Tiara (3 different types), Earrings (3 types), and Necklace (3 types)

This beautiful Mini-dress includes shorty long sleeve top w/sculpted sleeves and collar, mini skirt and stockings .
Includes 4 different colors !

★Brotherhood of the lost temple★
This wonderful male counterpart to Sister of the lost temple features a detailed long robe , pants, socks, scarf and sculpted headpiece.
3 colors are included =)

✿Digi Denim✿
June made these new jeans made especially for furrys !
They Feature lower legs that fit around most furry avatar feet (Note: you might have to adjust the fit for your avatar)
Includes 6 different styles!

✿Digi Cavalier Boots✿
June made these boots especially to fit Furry Avatars!
Please tnote: You may have to fit them to your individual avatar =)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo