Monday, December 17, 2007

4 new sculpted handbags @ Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

Artropus handbags new today @ Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture store all are sculpted with heart dangles and include 3 different holding animations.
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture Store location
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 new Fantasy Outfits @ Barerose Tokyo

Yay 5 new fantasy style outfits @ Barerose Tokyo

Dark elf and dark elf boy
Matching womens and mens dark elf outfits , perfect for your drow skin (we also have drow skins available) Includes sculpted elf ears and tons of prim parts and colors 6 for each outfit!

Lady Tuberrose
Ultra sexy fantasy outfit includes white and black versions.

Sea Nymph
Includes Mermaid and standard versions , with the mermaid version you can use the included Mermaid Ao for controlling the tail.

Woden grande
Male fantasy outfiit is a winter style prim outfit . Also includes christmas hat not shown.
Here is our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

And the new Branch location
Barerose Tokyo Branch Store

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*New* Fashion Show release @ Barerose Tokyo

Saturday night we had our Fall/Winter collection fashion show ^^ Thanks to everyone for coming out, it turned out so good!
To celebrate the show we have 5 of the releases for you .

Panthere Neige Includes skirt/top/Gloves/stockings and Beautiful fur Drape.
4 dress colors and 2 fur colors included.

Sonya features a beauiful sculpted top , pants, sash, and choker. Now also includes
underskirt shorts (not shown) for a mini skirt look variation. 4 colors included.

Cerbus is a elegant dress set in 3 colors and includes stockings,A highly detailed sculpted fur coat , choker, and cigarette holder ^^ (There is also a new matching mens version not shown)

Ellie includes shirt and jacket combo in 5 colors, includes tie and sculpted hat

Diana Bag. Last but not least June made some elegant new bags ! Each includes 3 different holding animations. The red one is shown but also is available in 3 other colors^^

Bags are available at our Haute couture store only and the clothes are available at both the main store an Haute couture.

Here is our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture location
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture