Monday, March 31, 2008

New today @ Barerose Tokyo "Montigo Bay" & "JungleDJ Boy"

New swimsuit for the ladies today "Montigo Bay"
Beautiful Bikini in 8 colors all on 2 different layers shirt or undershirt, pants or underpants.

New "Jungle DJ Boy" out today for the guys.
This outfit matches the ladies version we released yesterday and features open cotten shirts in 4 colors, tattoos, and well as cool jeans.
Also includes sculpted belt with cd player, sculted headphones and necklace, armbands, and shoulder pet.

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New "Jungle DJ" @ Barerose Tokyo

New today very cool outfit called "Jungle Dj"
this set comes with shirts in 4 colors, Jeans, Arm Tattos, sculpted belt with mp3 player, sculpted headphones and necklace as one attachment, eyebrow and belly piercings, and last but not least a Tarsiidae pet that sits on your shoulder ^^

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 new Dresses today @ Barerose Tokyo 3/29/08

New "Vanessa" features sheer silk and ruffles . there are 2 colors included black and black/white combo.
Each has 2 versions of skirts 1 completely sheer and 1 that vovers the top of the skirt.

"Mistress Of Occultism" is the matching dress for the Profesor of Occultism we released yesterday.
This victorian style dress includes long overcoat with detailed buttons and belt in 3 colors. has a sculpted collar and cumberbun as well as a hat <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New guys and girls outfits today @ Barerose Tokyo 3/27/08

New today for the guys "Professor of occultism"
Goth pants and jacket outfit featuring a super detailed jacket with sculpted collar , cumberbun,and sleeves.
Includes 3 colors of jackets and 1 pants.
Topped off by a sculpted hat ^^

New for the ladies "Simple Long Cardigan"
Perfect for spring pants and long cardigan sweater set.
You get one pair of pants and 5 different colors of sweaters!
Also included is a necklace <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

New Native American Outfit for the guys today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today At Barerose Tokyo "Southern Eagle"
New mens native American outfit features vest (on Jacket layer) in 3 colors, Headdress, Beaded necklace, Pants, Feathered armbands, Sculpted waist sash with belt with pouches.

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 New Dresses today @ Barerose Tokyo 3/26/08

"WildCat" is a sexy tight fitting dress with animal prints in 4 colors. Also includes a sexy leather collar/choker ^^

"Yozakura" is a beautiful japanese style dress featuring frill flexy & sculpted skirt , top with sculpted sleeves and collar, obi sash, stockings, ribbons, and Headdress.
Includes all 4 colors shown.

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Baseball Seasons here @ Barerose Tokyo ^^

Baseball seasons here @ Barerose Tokyo with matching mens and womens baseball uniforms.
both sets include jerseys in 4 different colors and include a shirt that you can wear under the jersey.
Both have sculpted baseball bat with holding strap, sculpted hats in 4 colors, gloves and elbow + knee pads. Finally the boys has uniform pants , while the girls version includes uniform shorts.

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Girls outfits "Fantasy", Scout Lady, And Fairy Decorations @ Barerose Tokyo

"Fantasy" brand new pants and blouse set featuring a beautiful top with sculpted sleeves and frill collar Tailored pants, and jacket layer add on.
All 5 colors shown are included <3

"Scout Lady" is the matching outfit to "Scout" for men.
This set includes leather tops , gloves, and pants in 5 colors.Also includes Sculpted belt with bag amd knifes, and matching sculted bandoleer, and an Eyepatch and cape.

The last item is a cute set of sculpted fairys to decorate your home or shop, all 3 colors are included <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Dress and Bags @ Barerose Tokyo @ Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

New "Opereta Earl's Blue Daughter" dress @ Barerose Tokyo Beautiful Loli dress feaaturing 2 different skirt lengths with lots of lace and ribbons everywhere.
Also includes Bonnet <3

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

New to Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture 2 styles of bags Lucky Horseshoe Bags & Key Of Heart Bags both available in 6 different colors and each color has 3 bags with its each pose(Hand, Arm, And Shoulder)

Available at out Haute Couture store

Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

New today Bunnygirl Type 2, Scout for the guys @ Barerose Tokyo

New today for the girls "Bunny Girl Type2" ,
June made a goth version version of Bunny girl tonight just in time for Easter ^^
This one features bunny ears, tail, sculpted collar with tie, gloves and cuffs, fishnet stockings , and a tuxedo style skirt <3

New today for the guys "Scout" is a cool fantasy style outfit featuring detailed pants and jackets, flexy cape,gloves, eyepatch , and a cool knife chest belt ^^
4 colors included .

Also for Easter we put lucky chairs in the main store and vip sandbox giving away this cute easter belt and shirt ^^

Main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New for the girls today "Lost Kittens For Girls" @ Barerose Tokyo

New today for the girls "Lost Kittens For Girls"
June made a matching set for the "lost Kittens" set for the boys that we released Tuesday.
This set has the same adorable side carry bag full of sculpted prim cuteness including 3 kittens, can of tuna, a map, kitty play toy,binoculars, even a container of milk :)
There are 2 colors of capri pants,2 colors of jacket tops,3 colors of tied around the hips sweaters,a beautiful scarf and necklace combo,and 2 colors of sculpted hats all included <3
You can find it here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New today @ Barerose Tokyo "Dryer Gungirl"

New today for the girls "Dryer Gungirl"
June took a gunslinger idea and put a neat twist on it , instead of a gun you get a blowdryer in your belt and instead of bullets on a belt she put tubes of lipstick ^^
Also included is a sculpted belt with hairspray, makeup, and makeup brushes .
you get one pair of pants and 4 colors of shirts and riboons. theres even a sculpted cowboy hat included. <3

You can find it here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New today Bunny Maid & Lost Kittens @ Barerose Tokyo

For the ladys "Bunny Maid" just in time for Easter.
This set includes a maid dress with scuplted bow tie and collar, apron, skirt , top, and stockings.
Topped of with so cute Bunny ears ^^
includes 4 colors <3

For the guys we have a cute outfit called "Lost Kittens"
This set features an adorable side bag with tons of sculpted parts including 3 tiny kittens!, a map, binoclars, even a jar of milk <3
There are 2 colors of pants, 2 colors Jackets, 3 colors of tied around the waist sweaters, and 2 colors of sculpted hats.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relay For Life Outfit Sneak Peak @ Barerose Tokyo

So Yay ! The Relay for life event starts tomorrow and I'm really excited for everyone to see it . I have seen all the spots get decorated all week and it is amazing and everyone did such a wonderful job . I cant wait for everyone to see Barerose Tokyos booth too ^^
Here is the sneak peak of the Dress June made for sale at the event called RFL Purple Blossom, its a really cute layered dress done in the relay for life purple color and all the profit goes to the relay for life cause.
I hope everyone has a great time at the event and most of all support this wonderful cause. <3

New today for the ladies "Come to me Fairily" @ Barerose Tokyo

June made this based on a short story about a girl hunting for fairys ^^
This cute set comes with detailed top on jacket layer with lower sculpted skirt and poofy sleeves,optional shirt can be worn under it, rolled up pants, and even a sculpted hat!
There are 4 colors of jackets and 3 colors of pants included <3

The set also has these extras included ..
<1>A sculpted bag with tons of things in it including flowers,a fairy,a book, fairy primrose food in a glass jar, and magnifying glass
(According to legend you give a fairy 5 of the primroses then they become your friend)
<2>A flower and shamrock necklace
<3>And even a sculpted mushroom patch you can put on your land.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 new prizes added to the Prize ball @ Barerose Tokyo

June added two more great prizes to the raffle ball in the main HQ store.
For those that dont know how this works, all you need to do is be in the store for a chance to win!

Barerose Tokyo

2 New today 3/15/08 1 Mens and 1 Womens outfits

New Mens Outfit today "Block"
Features Flannel Shirts with sculpted collars and really nice jeans to go with it.
The set includes 4 colors of shirts, and as a bonus you get a pants wasit chain and a necklace too !

New Womens Lovely dress outday too :)
"Night Magic" made of beautiful flowing silk fabric with a sculpted neckline, flowing sleeves, and skirt.
Includes 4 colors <3

Both can be seen here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

New 1L St Pats. Skin From Tori-Wear

Happy St. Pats day Everyone !
I made a St. Pats edition skin with cute Green Eyeshadow avalaible for 1L =)

Main Location

Or Cassiopeia Isle location where the whole island is having a St. Pats Dollarbie event all weekend!

Tori-Wear Cassiopeia Isle Location

Friday, March 14, 2008

New "Eric" For the guys, "Lace Bolero" for the girls, and 1 new raffle Prize @ Barerose Tokyo

New today for the guys "Eric" is the matching outfit for the girls outfit yesterday "Becky"

Eric Features Plaid pants and matching shirt/tie combos in 5 colors!
The jackets are fab and feature sculpted collar , theres even an open version you can wear with no shirt.

Barerose Tokyo Main Store

Lace Bolero is a beautiful lace wrap jacket that you can wear over any of your favorite dresses or shirts.
Available in 4 colors and are only 10L each .
Available in our ten linden store and haute couture store only

Barerose Tokyo 1oL store

Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

Also June added a new raffle prize to the raffle ball in the main HQ.
For those not familar with how it works, we have raffle ball that hands out prizes and all you have to do is be in the store to win!
How easy is that ? =)

Barerose Tokyo

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New "Becky" and "Amaterasu" Outfits for the ladies today @ Barerose Tokyo



Amaterasu Wedding

Amaterasu Mini

Amaterasu Long Skirt

New today "Becky" wonderful outfit featuring shorts and overcoat.
The coat is a long open style with sculpted shoulders and collar.
The shirts come in 3 lengths for different looks, and topped off with cute argyle socks <3
there are 6 colors of shorts and shirt tie colors for lots of options ^^

Also New "Amaterasu".
Beautiful white wedding dress made of lovely silk textures a must see ^^
Includes 3 versions of skirts. Mini, wedding, and long versions.
The halo part and starburst are not photo effects they are prim parts of the dress must see to appreciate.
Beautiful viel is also included.Made of lovely silk textures must see ^^

Both can be seen here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo