Sunday, March 16, 2008

New today for the ladies "Come to me Fairily" @ Barerose Tokyo

June made this based on a short story about a girl hunting for fairys ^^
This cute set comes with detailed top on jacket layer with lower sculpted skirt and poofy sleeves,optional shirt can be worn under it, rolled up pants, and even a sculpted hat!
There are 4 colors of jackets and 3 colors of pants included <3

The set also has these extras included ..
<1>A sculpted bag with tons of things in it including flowers,a fairy,a book, fairy primrose food in a glass jar, and magnifying glass
(According to legend you give a fairy 5 of the primroses then they become your friend)
<2>A flower and shamrock necklace
<3>And even a sculpted mushroom patch you can put on your land.

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