Thursday, March 13, 2008

New "Becky" and "Amaterasu" Outfits for the ladies today @ Barerose Tokyo



Amaterasu Wedding

Amaterasu Mini

Amaterasu Long Skirt

New today "Becky" wonderful outfit featuring shorts and overcoat.
The coat is a long open style with sculpted shoulders and collar.
The shirts come in 3 lengths for different looks, and topped off with cute argyle socks <3
there are 6 colors of shorts and shirt tie colors for lots of options ^^

Also New "Amaterasu".
Beautiful white wedding dress made of lovely silk textures a must see ^^
Includes 3 versions of skirts. Mini, wedding, and long versions.
The halo part and starburst are not photo effects they are prim parts of the dress must see to appreciate.
Beautiful viel is also included.Made of lovely silk textures must see ^^

Both can be seen here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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