Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big patch Finally coming tomorrow :)

Well ready or not the new version 1.10 patch is coming Tomorrow Wednesday the 24th . Lots of new and cool changes so I thought I would post the notes here :)

Here are the tentative release notes for 1.10:==========Features:* Hardware lighting** Any primitive in Second Life may be turned into a light*** Light properties are radius, color, intensity, and falloff** New options in the Preference panel indicate the type of lighting you want to use*** "Sun or Moon only" is best for low-performance hardware**** Everything in-world is lit in real time by the sun or moon only*** "Nearby Lights" is available for any hardware configuration**** Everything in-world is lit by sun or moon and up to six nearby light sources** More information about the new lighting system is available here:*** http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=100128* Flexible objects** Cube, prism and cylinder primitive types can now be made flexible as a client-side effect** Simulation parameters for material and responsiveness to gravity and wind ** Objects that are flexible cannot be physical and are always phantom** Use of these is currently limited to preserve framerate as they increase amount of client-side processing* Occlusion culling** Frame rate is improved when objects that would normally be rendered are hidden from view** FPS will be significantly improved when inside a structure*** Windows or other transparent surfaces will decrease effectiveness as objects in view will be rendered, whether or not they are within the structure** Toggle with CTRL-SHIFT-o on all platforms* New "Click Action" functionality for objects** Object creators can select a default left-click action for objects:*** Touch (default), Sit, Buy, Pay, or Open** These actions happen immediately when a resident left-clicks on the object, without a menu** Builders set the action in the build tools "General" panel, at the bottom** Click actions override touch events for scripts*** If you want the touch behavior, be sure "touch (default)" is the click action** You can't set "Buy" as the action unless an object is for sale** "Sit" should be useful for both chairs and vehicles** "Open" should be useful for vendors that sell packaged objects* Updated functionality for the Top Scripts/Top Colliders dialog ** Improvements allow Estate owners to return or disable offending objects*** Disabling an object makes it non-physical and disables all scripts* Classified ads now have an auto-renew option

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