Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barerose Tokyo 5 Year annivesary weekend !

This weekend Barerose Tokyo celebrates our 5 year Anniversay!
Its hard to believe June started designing 5 years ago and had a very small stall in a mall starting out and now spans 3 sims!
Ty to all our customers for making Barerose success possable :)
For our Anniversary we have tons of events all weekend long including live concerts, 2 fashion shows showcasing 18 new outfits, Japanese school, partys, Treasure Hunt and much more!
You can find out more info by checking out the event board in the front of the store!

Barerose Tokyo Event Board

Click this poster on the event board to get notecard for hunt with Instructions.

This beautiful outfit(s) is the hunt prize
Both Girls and guys versions are available!

Additional Photos of girls version.. The shoulder parts actually rotate and the textures are so beautiful on the entire outfit.

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