Friday, March 05, 2010

New releases today @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Trumpet Bunny ❤
Continuing with our Alice In Wonderland themed outfits,this fun set includes 3 new colors all included,Green/Pink/Blue.
Each includes matching pants, shirt, flared skirt ,sleeves, and collar, socks, bunny ears, and 2 types of trumpets. 1 is hip mounted accesory,
and the other you hold and can play by clicking!

"Classic" Japanese schoolgirl uniform :)
❤Simple Mini Uniform❤
Beauiful pleated skirts with matching shirts are featured with the
shirt made of sculpted collar and sleeves.
(each color even features 4 colors of ribbons)
You also get matching over the knee socks, and necklace!

New mens armor: ❤White Paladin❤
You get the following items with the set:
☑ Sculpted upper body armor chest
under) , forearm + shoulders.
☑ Clothing layer jacket, gloves, and pants.
☑ Sculpted decorative sword (hip wearable)
☑ Sculpted boots
☑ Sculpted crown
☑ Skirting with armored waist in 2 different styles (open and closed + 4 colors)
☑ Matching colored cloak (4 colors)

★Leather Armor Boy★
This is the matching set to the womens version "leather armor dress"
The mens version features beautiful colored leather textures on the leather pants and shirts (3 colors).
Also includes collar and cape, sculpted sleeves, gloves,
leather belt. and boots!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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