Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 8 Barerose Tokyo RFL release

New today for day 8 release of RFL @ Barerose Tokyo:
❥CanCan Dancer Type C ❥
Todays release is a beautiful Can Can dancers dress with lots of colors
(Red/Blue/White and lots of options!
First off the dress itself is very lacey and has lots of ribbons and sculpted pieces to enjoy. It also includes 3 special skirts , Front holding
that includes an animation to lift the skirt in the front, Rear lifted skirt that also has its own animation, and theres also a normal version all 3 for each color. (Animations are also included seperately as well as a cancan dance)
You also get 2 colors of garters/stockings + matching hat for each color.
Can be purchaced at either the main store location,
Or the Barerose RFL booth located in the Northeast corner of the Tokyo Sim.

June also made a wonderful house decoration for you:
☀┈◊┈☀ Simple Chandelier ☀┈◊┈☀
The set includes 4 Chandeliers , 2 sizes plus 2 lengths so youll be sure to find one that fits your house.
[✔] Available @ the main store location only.

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