Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day6 and & 7 Barerose Tokyo RFL releases

Hi everyone 2 new releases for you first for day 6 of RFL releases
for the guys: ◈ Mercenary ◈
Features black cyber suit (pants and top) with super detailed materials.
You also get gloves, boots, sculpted prim shoulders, collar, leather
shoulder harness, belt, arm and leg belts, arm and leg gaurds, leg attached knife, headset and hat!
You also get both brown and black trim versions.
P.s. This is the matching release for "Mercenary Lady" previously released.

For Day 7 of RFL we have a beautiful new womens release:
❤ Praana ❤
This Beautiful gown was designed for Shakti Cianci of the group
Space Junky to celebrate her most recent concert and her upcoming trip to India.
The gown has wonderful Indian influences including richly detailed silk fabrics in wonderful colors. The pieces include jeweled top, skirt, sculpted chest and shoulder piece with flowing material, armbands, stockings, shoes, and jeweled headband!

Both outfits can be purchaced at either the main store location,
Or the Barerose RFL booth located in the Northeast corner of the Tokyo Sim.

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