Monday, November 23, 2009

New Winter clothing & new Mens kimono @ Barerose Tokyo

This Beautiful sweater jacket set includes
White turtleneck shirt, shorts, socks, and the beautiful sweater jacket made from realistic knit textures and sculpted collar , sleeves, buttons, and belt.
There are also 2 hoody options normal and Usakko (Bunny Ears)
And as always many colors are included - Brown/Pink/Blue/
Green/Grey ㋡

❤B-Kei Camo❤ Girls and boys editions
These fun Winter releases are perfect for snowbaording or
just to keep warm in style!
Features sculpted baggy black snowboarding pants,
white designer sweatshirt, and beautifully done camo sculpted prim
Jackets (5 colors included).
You also get the matching hat and goggles + necklace!

New Mens Kimono
★Otoko Oiran★
Features realistic textures and beautifully crafted
sculpted pieces that just make you say Wow when you see it!
Includes the Kimono in 3 different colors and
a matching necklace + Geta sandles!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo


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