Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

✿ Neko Kairo ✿
June created a really cute overall set and it
includes both womens and mens versions all in one box!
Features detailed overall jeans with sculpted pockets
and straps, choker , and kitty in front pocket
(he even blinks his eyes)!
If thats not enough you also get 2 colors black and blue
+ as a bonus a tiny kitty avatar shown!

❤ Marion ❤
Marion is based on the shakespearean time period
and features belted bodice with sculpted sleeves,
layered skirt, belt, sheer draped back, and
jewelry set (necklace and bracelets)
And finally all 4 colors shown are included!

★Keigo ★
This casual set is perfect for the fall and includes
so many options and layers.
Includes 5 colors of pants with options,
6 colors of shirts with options,
6 jacket colors, & 3 colors of undershirts.
Perfect set is a must have, and all the parts can even be worn with other outfits for versatility :)

❤ Kuro Mofu ❤
(Rough Translation - Fluffy Black in Japanese)
Dress includes all 3 colors shown!
Includes dress, sculpted prim straps, collar, gloves,
and stockings <3

★Boys School Uniform★
This is a typical Japanese school uniform worn by
boys in Japan.
Includes 3 colors of the uniform Black/Dark Blue/
Red-brown, each has prim buttons , collar, and armparts.
Also includes matching hats!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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