Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Barerose Tokyo release update 11/15/09

New @ Barerose we gave a beautiful new
goth dress :❤ Hekate ❤
This wonderful dress features semi sheer bodice with
flexy trim, wonderful belted lace skirt, sculpted shoulders
and arms, 2 styles of underskirt pants, collar, and lastly
wonderful hat/headpiece.

❤ Year of the Tiger Lady ❤ + ★ Year of the Tiger ★
2010 in Japan will be the Year of the Tiger, so to
celebrate early June made this wonderful tribute to it.
Features skin tight outfit with tiger stripe detailing
Includes the base suit (pants+shirt) in 2 colors,
faux tiger fur collar + matching sleeves, belt,
socks, gloves, and beautiful necklace!

❤ Lady Of Lioness ❤ + ★Knight Of Lion★
The armor is based off 14th century armor.
Features include:
☑ Armored shirt (5 colors) and leggings (3 colors)-(Womens Set)
☑ Armored shirt (4 colors) and leggings (3 colors)-(Mens Set)
☑ Optional underpant and undershirt layer for full armored look (Female set)
☑ Sculpted armor arm, wrist, shoulder pieces
☑ Armored boots
☑ Skirting for tabbard looks
☑ Sculpted harness and belt
☑ Armored collar piece
☑ Glove + socks
☑ Decorative ax

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