Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recent releases @ Barerose Tokyo Part #1

Sorry I am making a big post or 2 I'm getting caught up on all our releases =)
(Part #1)

Goth witch and warlock outfits that come with 3 different colors each!
Also includes choker, shoes, broom, and hat!

Also New... "8 Inch Heel" shiny black leather boots! Only 100L!

New release for the ladies ❤ ❤ Colored Karra❤ ❤
Features 4 unique colors of this beautiful dress Pink/purple/Blue/Orange.
The dress has sculpted shoulders and arms , feathered neckpiece and ribboned skirt .
also includes matching socks for each color and a beautiful choker.

Formal Hakama
Beautifully styled Kimono , Includes 3 different colors.
Also please try the Demo on first to see the fit on you ^^

Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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