Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barerose Tokyo's Halloween Hunt!

Here are the prizes you can hunt for:

Come join in our annual Halloween hunt, have fun playing the games, and win our exclusive Halloween outfits for both girls and guys!

Can you save Princess Lemon and her friends or will the evil candy army capture them? Only you can help =)
To start the hunt simply tp to barerose Tokyo
Barerose Tokyo Treasure Hunt Poster

and click on the Amechan Strikes back poster to get the starting landmark..when you get there click on the Language of your choice to recieve instructions! Have hun and good luck =)

P.s. the pants are for a bonus hunt (read the notecard when you get the last outfit piece titled Epilogue to recieve info for it)


Cyn said...

I'm having problems with the hunt -- click on the poster, but nothing happens. I flew around the sim and found the first two stops, but still I do not get a notecard from the sign. (But I did get prize #1 so thanks for that!)

And I clicked on the little monsters there at number two and nothing happened...but I'm not sure if they were what I was looking for or not?

Any troublshooting advice would be appreciated. I don't usually have problems in these situations because I have a new computer and great graphics I took off all my attachments just in case that's what was causing the problem and still nothing worked.

Tori Heart said...

sorry you had problems Cyn the poster gave a lm to the starting pint , each spot had a game to play to get a part of the outfit , Im me in game if you didnt get one part .