Monday, October 27, 2008

5 new releases for the ladies @ Barerose Tokyo

Beautiful and sexy Indian inspired release today featuring 3 colors and 2 different styles for each color .
You get both the normal pants and Bikini pants editions!
The top includes elegant sculpted neck with draping silk and a belt with additional draping silk skirt.
Also includes sculpted hat and necklace ㋡

❤ Taxi Doll ❤
Cute Cute! Shorts and stockings plus top with sculpted arms, collar and tie. , and sculpted taxi hat
There are 6 colors of corests (on jacket layer) included,
And 4 different colors of backpacks too!

❤ Black Veil ❤
Beautiful goth dress today ❤ Black Veil ❤
Features sheer netted stockings , top, and veil, featered collar and skirt (2 types )
Only 100L and you can find it at the front of the Main HQ store.

This is a beautiful Victorian style dress with poofy sculpted sleeves , lace collar, and skirt. (3 Colors Included)
Includes gloves, sculpted hat, and sculpted umbrella with its on holding animation ㋡

❤ Verdandi ❤
The outfit is pink with lots of sculpted prims for a unque fantasy look. Comes with headpiece , arm and leg pieces, even boots!
Includes 3 colors of cloaks for different looks <3

Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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