Monday, November 07, 2011

The last 3 outfits from Barerose Tokyo 2011 winter fashion show.

Today we have the final 2 releases from our Winter fashion show
[Leather Jacket T2] ❋Mesh   〖 Located in Mesh Section 〗
 The male version of Leather jacket T2 is out.
This stylish outfit for the guys features wonderful MESH Leather Jackets, jeans, detailed sweaters, mesh shoes and necklace.
Includes Brown and Black Jackets, 2 colors of sweaters, and 2 colors of jeans.

[Leather Jacket Lady T2] - ❋MESH 〖 Located in Mesh Section 〗

  One of my Favorites from the fashion show..
The Jacket and skirt are very realistic and just hug to your body and move in realistic way.
 The female set of the new MESH leather jacket set featuresLeather Jackets, Long full mesh skirts, lovely sweaters, necklace and MESH boots.
Includes 2 colors of jackets, 2 colors of sweaters + skirts.

[When You Sleep] ❋Mesh〖 Located in Mesh Section 〗

This was the last outfit for this show worn by June.
This year's kimono is Mesh, and has  Purple mixed flowers with winding sash on the body.
In addition the set includes Junes first MESH Hair ! 2 hairstyles are included , Purple tips and black mesh hair with separated hair ribbons. Lastly Pokkuri (Shoes for Kimono) are included with an additional set that you can hold onto with your hand so you can walk bare foot.

Located in Mesh Section of the store
☑  Barerose Tokyo Mesh Section


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