Thursday, November 03, 2011

3 more outfits from our Barerose Tokyo's Winter 2011 fashion show.

㋡ ╄╄ȼℓℓσ everyone, today June is releasing 3 more outfits from our Barerose Winter 2011 fashion show.
[Scorpio of Light] ❋MESH 〖 Located in Mesh Section 〗

[Scorpio of Light Lady] ❋MESH 〖 Located in Mesh Section 〗

June is making new MESH Zodiac series for this year, last year the theme was gold, this year will have a Gaurdian Angelic theme. For This month Scorpio features Scorpion claws, detailed textured gold and white armor, and beautiful feathered wings

Located in Mesh Section of the store
☑  Barerose Tokyo Mesh Section


[Akumakko] -Non MESH-〖 Located in Tower III 〗
Sculpted outfit for the group Piatto and a perfect match for Halloween theme, but can also be worn for any season. Akumakko is a Japanese petit devil and features horns, mini wings, and tail. This set has alot of colors and different options including corset or shirt top/skirt,pants, drawer, or hotpants bottoms, and 4 color trims!

☑ Available @ the main store
Barerose Tokyo

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