Sunday, August 07, 2011

⊱ BareRose 24 Hour Release Marathon For Japan Relief Effort⊰ (Part 2)

BareRose Tokyo24 Hour Release Marathon is simple event ❥
We will create outfits or items for 24 hours continuously, and then release them throughout the event.
Outfits and items will be simple items, but we will try to keep the quality high as always for Barerose Items :)

ღ❤ღ All items will be for sale though Japan Relief Fundraiser vendors, and all money raised will go to the Americares Japan relief charity. ღ❤ღ

Since all of the items are simple and fun , they are going to be alot more inexpensive than the regular release items ( you can donate any amount you like, but minimum amount on each item is suggested)
All of the vendors will remain untill the end of the charity group.

Fundraiser Vendor Location

June has been up nearly 24 hours strait creating items for this event .
⊱░: Part 2 releases :░⊰
All of the items are dedicated to cites, people, and the culture of Japan :)

回 Nebuta Dress 回
Thema Prefecture: Aomori
Nebuta is an electric parade like festival.
It started out with just candle lamp before 300 years, but it has grown bigger and bigger as time has gone by now.
Now its become very huge japanese style doll festival with lighting.

回 Bunbuku Chagama 回
Thema Prefecture: Gunma
There is legend in Gunma, there was monster racoon that can transform to any object.
A poor man saved him, and to repay the poor man the racoon suggested that he would transform himself into a pot and for him to sell the pot so that the man could make some money.
But then his body cant change back into racoon and then he suggest he will show some tricks to get money and the poor guy become rich...

回 Sessyou Seki 回
Thema Prefecture: Tochigi
There was nine tail fox monster, called The White Face.
After a fight with high preist, the fox's body was broken and flew all over japan searching for the Sessho-seki (or Killing Stone).
It is said that the stone kills anyone who comes into contact with it as it contains the spirit of the Nine tail Fox.
It is also said the Priest convinced the Fox to eventually stop haunting the stone.

回 Ayame Hime 回
Thema Prefecture: Ibaragi
Itako in Ibaragi, beautiful city in Japan that has an area full of iris flowers you can see there.
And there is beautiful section lined with Iris flowers along the river where brides can go in small boats. It is one of beautiful scenes in Japan.,JR_Kashima-Line,Itako-city,Japan.JPG

Thank you for your help ,and to June for taking her time (24 hours strait) to make her items to raise money for Japan.

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