Saturday, August 06, 2011

⊱ BareRose 24 Hour Release Marathon For Japan Relief Effort⊰

BareRose Tokyo24 Hour Release Marathon is simple event ❥
We will create outfits or items for 24 hours continuously, and then release them throughout the event.
Outfits and items will be simple items, but we will try to keep the quality high as always for Barerose Items :)
All items will be for sale though Japan Relief Fundraiser vendors, and all money raised will go to the Americares Japan relief charity.
Since all of the items are simple and fun , they are going to be alot more inexpensive than the regular release items.
All of the vendors will remain untill the end of the charity group.

We will Start creating items on Aug 6, 4AM SLT 2011,
and finish Aug 7 4AM SLT 2011 continuously creating and releasing items during the 24 hour period.

Fundraiser Vendor Location

June has been up since early this morning and has created the first 5 items for the event.. stay tuned for more releases soon :)
All of the items are dedicated to cites and the culture of Japan :)

Sakuran Chan
Thema Prefecture: Yamagata
Yamagata is best Prefecture for Cherry, especialy, Sato-Nishiki Cherry. Its very sweet. One of best fruits in Japan.

Byakko Tai
Thema Prefecture: Fukushima
Byakko is White Tiger, One of last Samurai Force during the Boshin war.
These Samurai were yaoung, like age 13 to 17 .
There is story is brave and sad as they were to protect the Aizu Catsle and their family.

ChaguChagu Umakko
Thema Prefecture: Iwate
ChaguChagu Umakko is Parade of horses. Very colorful decoration on over 100 horses and they ride in the parade the whole way.
The Horses wear bells and metal fittings. When they walk, it sounds very musical .

Fukinagashi Dancer
Thema Prefecture: Miyagi
In Miyagi, Sendai City, there is very big festival called Tanabata, from 1618. Tanabata Festival is happen all around Japan , but Most beautiful one with Huge Fukinagasi(Streamer) as ornament of festival all around the city.

Thema Prefecture: Akita
At end of the year, people wear ogre outfits and vist each home.
The Ogre will ask the family if there is bad boy, or bad wife, then they try to scare them to be good.
Also they are sipposed to scare and away evil spirits from the home.

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