Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo :)

❤Phi Harness❤ 〖 Located in Tower II 〗
This sexy harness set includes both pink and black versions each includes:
leather butier top, matching leather panties, gloves, leggings, black leather
harness with metal rings throughout, shoes , and more !

✧Sweet Couch/Sofa✧ 〖 Located next to Tower I in front of the store 〗
Includes both white and pink versions- each only 13 prims and includes 5 poses.
You can also see it ondisplay and try the poses yourself @ Our sculpted branch location.

New raffle prizes !

Our newest raffle prizes
◆ Kuma Head ◆ (Bear head in Japanese)
◆Kaeru Head◆ (Frogs head)

As always you can win these or other random prizes by just shopping in the store ツ

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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