Monday, July 18, 2011

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo :)

♥♡ New today 2 new Womens casuals + matching his and hers cyber armor ♡♥

❤ Ny B.H.S. ❤ 〖 Located in Tower I 〗
Sculpted baggy salopet set for the ladies.
Includes 2 colors of baggy jean salopet with lots of trim and sculpted pieces,
Crochet bra and pantie set in 2 colors, matching armbands, shoes and
jewelry set (necklace and bangles)

❤ Manish Hiro ❤〖 Located in Tower I 〗
Very nice summer time casual set today for the girls version of Masahiro.
Features include belted jeans, white undershirt ,3 colors of button down shirts, with sculpted parts, necklace, wristwatch, and sandles .

★ Mantis 2 ★ + ❤Mantis 2 Lady❤ 〖 Located in Tower VI 〗
June retired the original mantis set and made completely new cyber version!
Features black chest and leggings with many sculpted prim pieces to accent perfectly, Such as waist, arm and leg pieces, wings, head piece and more.
Includes 4 neon color trims.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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