Thursday, February 10, 2011

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

███▓▒░░. Womens Goth/Fantasy .░░▒▓███

❤Neko Devil❤
〖 Located in Tower I 〗
Features a sexy comination of devil and neko pieces!
Includes normal or revealing options each containing top, pelvis,
leggings, sculpted hands/feet/ears/tail/wings.
includes either simple style collar or choice of white collar and 5 tie colors!

███▓▒░░. Womens Casual/Fantasy .░░▒▓███
❤Happy Come Home Kitty❤
〖 Located in Tower V 〗
Todays womens release is a cute neko themed dress.
Includes skirt, top, sculpted neko paws & feet,
ears and moveable tail, leggings, collar, eyes, and free pose!

███▓▒░░. Rideable Creatures.░░▒▓███

◆Night Wolf◆
June is relasing a new color of the rideable Wolf today (Black)
〖 Located in the front of the store next to tower IV 〗
Like the rideable creatures the rideable wolf is easy to ride, Attach to avatar (uses stomach attachement point) and use the included Ao .
The set includes Regular Black version, a red Tatto version or Pink Tattoo version!

███▓▒░░. Japanese/Cyber Release .░░▒▓███

★Otome Viro★
〖 Located in Tower VI 〗
Mens version of "Octome Virko"
Includes 3 colors of the outfit each featuring shorts,
top w/sculpted collar and tie, oversize cyber boots
and sleeves, gloves, headphones, and 2 guitars
(one worn on back - the other is animated to play)
Its hard to see in the ad but all the lights on the
outfit and pulse!
❋ Includes Bishe Boy Shape !

███▓▒░░. Home Decoration .░░▒▓███

▧ Wall Fountain ▧
〖 Located in the front of the store next to tower IV 〗
Beautiful gothic fountain perfect for your home, land, or castle.
Includes running water and sound you can turn on or off + only 9 prims total!
As a bonus you get 3 fountain versions (Water/Chocolate/Blood)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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