Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Furniture @ Barerose Tokyo

Beautiful antique Furniture for your home !
These sets are designed with Rococo and cute themes.
You can see the chests, table + chairs,and dresser rezzed and purchace them @ the following location:
☑ These 3 Items available here
Barerose Tokyo Sculpted

☑ Or you can purchace all three @ The main store Hq near the front of the store
Barerose Tokyo


coreyadom said...
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coreyadom said...

All this furniture look as a Beautiful and antique Furniture for any users home. And I like this art and Its so wonderful as compare to my home furniture.
Shabby chic furniture

nosesurgery said...

In above post All the furniture are looking awesome. I love all these picture. But The last one white table I love most as compare to other furniture.
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