Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New releases for Wednesday @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Kawaii Seifuku❤
〖 Located in Tower I 〗
Todays release is a super kawaii Schoolgirl/Loli
outfit first debuted at the Piatto concert this past weekend.
The set includes sculpted black jacket, withadorable sleeves and collar/tie (2 types) stockings.
You also get matching skirt (4 colors), belted bracelets, optional cloak, and several styles of Kawaii hats and accesories.

❤ Be With You ❤
〖 Located in Tower III 〗
Todays release is a fun creative dress fashioned after a wedding cake!
Includes pink and white top with sculpted shoulders+ collar, gloves, sculpted skirt adorned with cute sculpted bunnys and bows.
Also includes stockings, shoes, and hat!

New mens release today: ★Black Virtue★
〖 Located in Tower VI 〗
These beautiful Angelic release feature amazing textures on robe and sculpted skirting,stockings arms + leggings and collar in the darker black color.
Includes beautiful scripted illuminated Halo, plus 4 sets of feathered wings (Closed and Open)
Each with normal and scripted versions that either open or close when you fly.
And lastly also includes the prayer pose shown!

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