Friday, December 10, 2010

3 new releases @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Snow Maiden ❤
〖 Located in Tower I 〗
The first outfit is designed with a russian theme and includes both a pink and blue version!
Features beautiful detailed fur lined jacket with sculpted parts
and matching shorts.
you also get gloves, stockings, hats, and soft side winter boots.

New cute Zodiac release for the girls today:
❤ Sweet Sagittarius ❤
〖 Located in Tower IV 〗
This adorable outfit comes with 2 versions, Human and Centaurus.
Each includes highly detailed bodice ,lace skirt, hat, wings, sculpted arms and choker, gloves, and bow + arrows.
The human version includes stockings and shoes,
while the Centaurus version includes painted horse body with its own AO system!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo


Next in the Capcom/Basara series: ⊱Oichi⊰
Beautiful but deadly fighter specializing in fighting with her
polearm weapon with deadly blade.
Includes weapon, pink trimmed armor with skirting, shoulders and flowing cloth pieces.
Also includes gloves and boots!

[✔] Available only @ the Basara Mall

Tp to Capcom/Basara mall

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