Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New release Tuesday @ Barerose Tokyo

❤Nordic Sweater Lady❤
〖 Located in Tower IV 〗
Originaly shown in our 5y anniversary show, this set is perfect for the fall /winter season!
Features completly hand drawn textures with lots of pieces to have several different looks.
You get:
▶ Mini skirt (2 colors)
▶ Knit Sweater (5 colors)
▶ Knit leggings (2 colors)
▶ Long Jacket / with sculpted parts.
▶ Belt
▶ And yes the boots are included!

❤The Magician Lady❤
〖 Located in Tower III 〗
Today we have a new Major Arcana release for you:"The Magician Lady" featuring lots of magical goodness including rich purple top, matching skirt, multi-colored jacket with sculpted pieces, necklace, stockings,
shoes, hat, decorative sword, magic cup, and more.
You also get the unique photo box shown that has a built in pose and props so that you can take your own pictures
or make a card :)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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