Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exclusive Barerose Tokyo/Capcom Sengoku Basara licensed clothing

Hi Everyone , some exciting news today:
June was invited to create some special outfits for the Sengoku Basara series by RL video game game company Capcom!
These outfits are available exclusively at there brand new capcom sim
which opened today!
Along with the capcom releases June has placed some of her other Japanese releases at the location ㋡

The 2 Capcom releases are:

➊ ◈ Sanada Yukimura ◈
➋ ◈ Date Masamune ◈
Both feature complete outfit including armor,boots, headgear, weaponry and accesories!

Note: these are available only at the capcom sim:

Tp to Capcom Sim

Please also note: they are priced slightly higher than normal
Barerose Tokyo items as there is a official capcom license fee and
royalty fee involved.
Still well worth the 500L price for official lincensed outfits :)
Also to purchace please left click to buy the items.

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