Friday, February 19, 2010

Videos featuring Barerose Tokyo :)

Hi everyone thought you might like to see a few videos featuring Barerose Tokyo :)

The first Video is a special "Carnival" show featuring Barerose Tokyo held by Moda Modeling and Treet.Tv
Also congratualtions to moda for there 100th episode of fashion spotlight!

The next 3 are videos are from our Valentines concert featuring the Japanese group Piatto.
June created the Alice in wonderland outfits featured in the show!

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Nympheas Nogah said...

Hello Bare Rose,

I had a hard work to organize this model show with SadaKoring Gackt.I researched the Carnival origins, described the outfits and have a lot of conversations with Liane, the TREET TV brasilian model. The results were very good! people are visiting BR to see the outfits and they have all very good words to describe June Dion work and her team.
I want here to thank you Tori Heart too, who offers this lovely and useful blog and helped me giving me some photos of the outfits. Thank you Tori!! Nympheas Nogah