Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barerose Tokyo Valentines treasure hunt!

Hi everyone, June is opening our special Valentines treasure hunt to the public today!
On the hunt your job is to find the adorable lost kittens =^.^=
Each one will meow and get louder as you get closer to finding them .
The prize is this fun outfit that you collect piece by piece by finding all the lost kittens! There are both female and male versions to collect and both include the outfits shown (2 colors for both girls and guys , carrying bag (With adorable kittens), balloon bracelet , and ballons you can hold and fly with :P
Plus theres one additional item to hunt for if you so choose!

You can start the hunt at the following location and click the Lost kittens poster to recieve a notecard.

☑ Barerose Valentines hunt starting location
Lost Kittens Treasure Hunt

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