Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New releases today @ Barerose Tokyo 10/14/09

❤ Malico ❤
The dress is designed with beautiful denim material
and includes 3 colors Dark Blue/Black/Light Blue
Features sculpted collar, shoulders, and buttons, belted
skirt, stockings, and choker!

❤ Masculine Drive ❤
Features include:
[✔] Open design vest/shirt
[✔] Sculpted prim jacket with shoulder/collar/arms
[✔] Low rise pants
[✔] Matching hat
[✔] Beautiful necklace
[✔] And additional jacket with built in pose shown on ad.

★ Patch Mage ★
This is the matching release for Patch Witch previously released .
[✔] Mage base clothing (skirting/belt, top, pants)
Includes 3 colors Red/Blue/Green
[✔] Cloak
[✔] Sculpted prim collar, arm + sleeve pieces
[✔] Mage shoes
[✔] Sculpted hats (3 colors)
[✔] And lastly, 2 different brooms one to hold and one
that you can actually sit on (includes built in pose)

★ Kongou ★
This is a Japanese Gaurdian outfit featuring loincloth skirting,
unique arm and shoulderpiece, arm and ankle bands, necklace,
pants, and 2 poses!
Also includes both white and black versions!

❤ Halloween Mini Kimono ❤
For Halloween June is offering a free mini kimono, available
in our freebie section of the main store

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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