Monday, October 05, 2009

5 new releases From Barerose Tokyo

❤ Sotto Voce ❤ (Whisper Softly)
Includes 4 colors of beautiful lace lingerie (stockings, panties, choker, bra, garters, gloves , and delicate prim bows highlight each piece.
Also each color includes all layers so you can have options. <3

❤ Light Force ❤
This is the womens edition of "master of Light Force"
Sexy and deadly!
Jedi master robes worn by only the most accomplished Jedis who weild the light side of the force.
The set includes White/Black shirts, Black pants, Brown/Black/Blue Jedi robes, and both Blue and Green Ligtsabers complete with glowing blade . (can turn blade on and off )

Perfect fall outfit for men with Turtleneck shirts+ jackets =)
Contains the following all in one release!
[✔] Pants (2 colors)
[✔] Turtleneck shirt (5 Colors)
[✔] Corduroy Jacket W/belt (5 colors)
[✔] Shade sleeve gloves

❤ Egret Type 2 ❤
New womens hair, includes both black and white versions, and each color has an option for a seragh winged look.

★ Sandals of Hermes ★
New mens sandals , includes 3 different colors + version with wings or without!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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