Monday, August 24, 2009

Second batch of our 4 Year Anniversary releases @ Barerose Tokyo

Hi all the 4 year Anniversay is winding down but the releases keep coming thanks to Junes hard work.
5 more releases from our fashion show today for your pleasure :)

❤Space Agent❤
This outfit was made for the Band SpaceJunky, And the lead singer Shakti Cianci.
The idea came from Old Sci-fi movie styling.
Includes 1 piece jumpsuit style short set, scifi armbands, belt, and choker, and matching leggings and shoes !
Includes White, Blue, Pink and Purple.

❤Classic Tail❤
The Original idea for the outfit came from Orie Matova, who is the leader of of the Japanese group Piatto.
June took the idea if a ringmaster and made it with a cute Japanese twist.
Includes jacket with tails, matching hat, bowtie, skirt, stockings , and gloves.
Color variation is Red, Blue, Pink and Black in the set.

The name Aegir comes from Norse mythology, king of the sea.
The textures are created to look like shells around the body and fin like hem jacket.
The outfit is finished in gold trim representing the Norse God granting gold to his followers.

★Gunman's Duster★
Includes 3 colors of the outfit each featuring jacket with 2 types of sleeves for duster look or long jacket look, leather pants, belt, gloves, and cowboy hat!

❤Coral Mermaid❤
This one was made for the group Lumino Scope for the concert they did for the anniversary.
This beautiful colred outfit includes a normal dress version and mermaid version with its own ao.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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