Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barerose Tokyo 4 Year Anniversary events

Yay its out 4 year anniversary!
To celebrate June has so many events going on .
Heres the schedule for today and tomorrow (Sat. and Sun.)
At the fashion shows we will be debuting 12 brand new outfits for the Fall/Winter season! This will be your first chance to see them and all outfits will be available after the shows later that evening.

-Treasure Hunt 'What a Wonderful World'
Date: Aug 21 (touch the poster to receive the starting notecard, The hunt will run till Aug 24)
Prize: His and Hers Warlocks outfits

Click for Treasure Hunt starting point

Aug 22 05 AM Euro time Fashion Show
Aug 22 02 PM Cr@ving the R@ve(n)
Aug 22 04 PM US time Fashion Show
Aug 22 05 PM Hippie Night
Aug 22 07 PM Live: Space Junky
Aug 22 Five New Items Release
Aug 22 09 PM Furry Summer Festa
Aug 22 11 PM Live: Lumino-scope

Aug 23 03 AM C:SI Dueling Tournament
Aug 23 06 AM Live:Piatto
Aug 23 10 AM Making of Treasure Hunt / Miri (Planning)
Aug 23 02 PM Live:Mankind Tracer
Aug 23 Five New Items Release

Aug 24 End of the Treasure hunt and all 4YA events

Note: all of the events notecards and details are availabale @ the Br Envents Poster @ the front of the store ( Just click on the event to recieve a notecard)

*If SIM is full for Live and Fashion show and CSI event, you will be able to see it via TV. We will be streaming the events on all 3 Sims; we will also be giving away TV station setting scripts (Please check event board around the time)
TV Station for broadcast: VWBC Japan (Sayuri Hollywood)

Thanks for all of your support for Barerose Tokyo from June and all the staff =)

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