Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Woodelf outfits/Chibi tiny prizes/Mens release @ Barerose Tokyo

❤WoodElf Archer Lady❤ + ✰ Woodelf Archer ✰
This huge set includes 4 basic colors of the outfit (skirts for the girls), 2 colors of the jacket+hat, 2 colors of leggings ,sculpted collar, boots are included, "elf" ears are included!
There is also a back mounted bow, belt , and arrow quiver!

June made some new items that are now in our lucky chairs at both the main store and vip only area .
✿Chibi Dragon tiny avatars✿

In both red and blue (main store + Vip Cafe)
??Mystery?? color for Vip (Vip Cafe Only)

★Baliador De Folklore★
This is the traditional national outfit for folkdance in Costa Rica.
June made it and was worn by Mr. Costa Rica in the Mr. Virtual World contest.
Features 2 colors of pants, 2 shirts, gloves, necklace, 2 colors of hats, sash, plus 2 color of trims red or purple!

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