Sunday, May 03, 2009

New couples outfits @ Barerose Tokyo

Tennis Anyone? =)
New today ❤Tennis Girl❤ & ☆Tennis Boy☆
These fun outfits features tailored shirt and matching tennis skirt (Girls), tennis Pants (guys) + armbands for each color (3 colors)
Visor (girls), Hat (boys) tennis shoulder bag, shoes, socks, ball, and 2 tennis rackets W/ BR logo (1 scripted that actually can hit the tennis balls + Non Scripted rackets)

❤Shaman❤ & ☆Male Shaman☆
Wonderful fantasy reelases featuring unique skull sculpted prims on belt , arms, shoulders, necklace, and headpiece.
aslo includes skinned cloak, and tintable Underpants/undershirt layer tattoos!

Lastly June made a male matching set to the Passita outfit previously released
Also is colorful Brazillian Carnival outfit includes 3 different colors!
Features pants, leg chest,and arm prims, shoulder parts, necklace, feathered spine and headpiece!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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