Monday, September 01, 2008

Barerose Tokyo Fall/Winter Fashion show releases Part #2

We had our 3 Year Anniversary fashion show last night and Debuted 10 brand new outfits! I will post in 2 seperate posts as its a huge release =)

Part #2

6. Figaro
Fall/Winter coat for men.
You can chose scarf or tie to match with the jacket.
Also for a sexier look, you can take off the shirt or even wear with other shirts!
Includes 5 colors of jacket and 4 colors of scarfs.

7. Anastasia
Womens edition of Figaro, but top jacket is half length to show formfitting tight looks.
Like the Figaro, you can select scarf or ribbon, also take off the shirts or wear another one with it .
Can not see it but black lingerie come with this set too.
Includes 5 colors of jackets and 4 colors of scarfs.

8. Petit Blance
One more outfit for music band called Piatto, from a
request for them.
They also came up with the name also the name.
Features feathered neckline , White ruffled skirt, stockings, and hat.
5 colors of scarfes included !

9. Ribbolver
Cyber looks dress with beautiful unique design
The name means nothing, but 3 huge ribbons wraped around it so you can guess it. =)
Includes 5 different colors!

10. Nocturne
Last one is second edition of Thorn of Beauty.
Beautiful Kimono featuring lots of sculpted parts , Special hair, headpiece, fur shoulder piece, necklace, even shoes!
There is alos a special AO included for this but you can use some other poses or dances if its not so much movement.

Available @ Barerose Tokyo Main HQ
Barerose Tokyo

Ribbolver, Anatasia,& Figaro also available @ Barerose Haute Couture
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

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