Monday, September 01, 2008

Barerose Tokyo Fall/Winter Fashion show releases Part #1

We had our 3 Year Anniversary fashion show last night and Debuted 10 brand new outfits! I will post in 2 seperate posts as its a huge release =)

Part #1

1. White Armor
Made for the music band, SpaceJunky!
The armor looks like a furcoat, and fur suits with a tie, belted top, and matching hat.
Even in cold winter the outfit makes you look so hot with it :)

2. Grim Boy
Punk/Goth couture for fall or winter and includes 3 colors.
Corset type shirt makes a tight look on you, also optional bondage pants come with it.
You can select optional Hat or eyepatch to wear for different looks .

3. Grim Girl
Female edition for Grim. Ultra cute Punk/Goth dress with patchwork design. Includes 3 different colors!
Looks cold for winter? if you think so, you can change shirts since its separate layer :)

4. Duet
Casual dress with beautiful lacey jacket.
The name is called Duet because of two dresses included to make lots of different looks.
For cute looks, try it with the mini skirt.
For more adult looks wear the long demin skirt, and with or without the sheer lacey jacket.
4 colors of Mini skirt, 1 long Denim, and 2 styles of sheer jacket are all included.

5. Its Only A Paper Moon
Dress made to look like paper material.
Got the idea from the Nat King Cole's Song.
The outfit features wrapped skirt,bustier top, and headpiece.
Also includes with a 3D picture to put in your home.

Available @ Barerose Tokyo Main HQ
Barerose Tokyo

Paper Moon also available @ Barerose Haute Couture
Barerose Tokyo Haute Couture

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