Sunday, October 14, 2007

More from our "Fall Collection" @ Barerose Tokyo

Junes made some really amazing outfits for the fall season so far and continues with a bunch more :) 2 for the girls and 3 for the guys.

Nora features an amazing sculpted jean mini jacket in 3 colors as well as 4 skirts, and a necklace.

Panthere Noir is really amazing . features an aboslute bueautiful scuplted coat w/draping sleeves, 3 types of skirts, neck ribbon and more.

Panthere Noir Homme is the male version and features a sculpted draped coat in 2 colors as well, sculpted hat, pants , and shirts

Gren Check Jacket features really detailed fabric with jacket, pants, and shirts. Included 3 jackets and 4 shirt/tie combos

Viz Leo features leopard print jackets in 4 colors,pants, and 2 shirts,and sash.

Here is our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

And the new Branch location
Barerose Tokyo Branch Store

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nympheas2001 said...


Nice outfits, really they are. My favourite one from June Dion collection is: Pantere Noir, a classic...

Nympheas Nogah