Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A few new outfits @ Barerose Tokyo

A few of these were released already but Ive been super busy so playing catch up xD

Disco Star is a fun Retro 70's outfit that would be good for any Halloween costume contest or anytime of the year ^^
Afro is the perfect hair to go along with Disco star comes in 6 colors.
Kirie is a beautiful Japanese Gith lace outfit that comes in 4 colors
Ripped Suede is another great addition to our fall line includes 2 colors in each of the 2 styles.
Scottish fold includes Tartan skirts in mini skirt and Boro-Nunu versions, beautiful jacket/shirt with sculted collar and sleeves, and Neko Ears ^^ plus Bonus Shorts.

Here is our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

And the new Branch location
Barerose Tokyo Branch Store

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