Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Barerose Tokyo Goth Loli Store

Announcing the grand opening of Barerose Tokyo's Gothic Lolita Mall.
  - Gekka no Yakai - (Japanese for  "The Evening Party under the moon light")
 Its an beautiful all Mesh build so it is required to have a Mesh viewer ツ
The Mall features alll Gothic Lolita items only. Besides Barerose Tokyo items we also have guest Gothic Lolita designers in the mall as well..

~ Store Logo ~

~ View on inside of store ~

~ Free Goth Loli Dress as a gift for the grand opening !
Some of our other vendors have also set out free items for the opening.

~ New Goth "Bloody" editions of some of your favorite Goth outfits.

~ Goth Table and chair set ~

~ Newest Goth Loli Dress ~

Barerose Tokyo Goth Loli Store

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Beryl Landar said...

Wow, that Goth table and chair set is so beautiful!!