Monday, April 23, 2012

New Barerose Tokyo Petite Avatar store.

Announcing the grand opening of the New Barerose Tokyo Petite avatar branch store.
What are Petites? The Petite shape is complete mesh and stands about 1/3 the height of a normal female avatar.
All the Barerose clothes are designed to fit the Yabusaka Mesh Petite fairy avatar, and will fit without any adjustments at all :P
Yabusaka Petite Mesh fairy Avatar includes huds for skin tone and facial features plus different hand and feet .

(Petite Outfits out right now)

June has been creating Petite clothing for Yabusaka Petite Mesh Fairy avatar for a while now, and is selling them at the Petite Avatar Kingdom, but as we only have a limited space there June decided to open Barerose Tokyo's own Petite Mini branch store on our White Wolf sim!
We will continue to sell petite avatar clothing at both locations ❤
As we release new outfits the oldest ones will be removed from Petite avatar kingdom and be sold only at the new Barerose Petite store .
June has also invited several other creators of Petite items to sell at our new store as well , with more to be added later !
~ there you will find a relaxing shopping experience for petites in a castle themed store.
  If you zoom to an overhead view you'll see the store is actually floating on a giant turtle ツ

Barerose Tokyo Petite Store
Barerose Tokyo @ Petite Avatar Kingdom

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