Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New items @ Barerose Tokyo

New Lingerie set today @ Barerose Tokyo !
❤Veld❤ 〖 Located in Tower V 〗
The set includes 3 colors of beautiful lingerie including Brown/Purple/Green each color includes bra and panties, stockings, garter belt, belt with sash, and hat !
One other note this and other Lingerie are now also available in the Barerose Womens Spa and fitting room.
☑ Womens Spa location
Barerose Tokyo Womens Spa

❤Spellbound of Light (Lady)❤ 〖 Located in Tower III 〗
This is the Female version of the Spellbound previous release.
This Beautiful set features highly detailed shimmering white textures.
Includes pants, long jacket with feathered collar and sculpted parts,
shirts,gloves, socks, and shoes.

New today for the guys:
★Eltoron★ 〖 Located in Tower II 〗
By Request June has made male Tron like outfits that match the girls "Mini Tron"
Set includes sleeek balck leather suits with neon highlights in Green/White/Blue/ or Pink trims.
They include pants, jacket, boots, headpiece,gloves, all the sculpted prim pieces, and more !

✧Free Toga✧
In the main store free area she added a male version of the Free Toga
so you get both a Female and Male version in the box

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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