Sunday, March 27, 2011

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo :)

〖 Located in Tower V 〗
Todays release is a beautiful new gown.
Includes both pink and white colors, each with bustier top w/sculpted chestpiece, gloves,collar, skirting,stockings, and hat!

❤Spacecruiser Attendant❤
〖 Located in Tower VI 〗
This fun set is a futeristic spaceship flight attendant uniform!
Features form fitting top with 1/2 jacket with sculpted parts, gloves, stockings, shoes, hat, skirt and more.
Also included both pink and blue colors ツ

❤ Sleepwalking Aries ❤
〖 Located in Tower V 〗
Very unique pajama set featuring Aries ram styling.
Includes printed design pajama tops and pants with sculpted pieces, aries sleeping cap, watch choker, tail, and slippers... Includes blue and pink colors!
Also unique to this set is the bed, its worn as an attachment that at rest poses you under the covers and if you walk the bed animates and legs move
to walk you in it .. as if you are in a dream ツ

Powered Gym Uniform
〖 Located in Tower IV 〗
Gym uniform with a twist, Includes cyber boots, backpack, and powered
The gym clothes include cutoff shirt with printed Kanji (Future) , mini shorts, socks, and headband. (3 colors included)

★ Powered Worker ★
〖 Located in Tower IV 〗
The guys get a cool construction worker/engineer outfit with cyber pieces!
Includes pants and shirt, lighted helmet, cyber arms and boots + backpack, and more!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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Kevin said...

These pictures are so impressive. I am sure my peers will enjoy these too.childrens furniture