Sunday, January 16, 2011

New @ Barerose Tokyo 3 new releases for Sunday

❤Polish Lady Hussar❤
〖 Located in Tower VI 〗
Today we have a new womens armor set for you
the term Hussar refers to this type of calvary armor.
The set includes highly detailed pieces including pants, underarmor shirt, gloves, armored chest/arms/boots,skirting, wings, 2 styles of helmets,
and decorative weapon.

❤Full Body Catsuits T2❤
〖 Located in Tower IV〗
The ladies get a sexy leather catsuit today that includes 2 different colors in the set Pink and Black.
Each color includes normal or revealing options with fantastic
realistic textures and zippers in lots of layers.
Includes gloves and shoesas well as 2.0 viewer items (Face tattoo and shoe layers)

★Sunday Boy★
〖 Located in Tower IV 〗
Sunday Boy is the matching outfit for "Sunday" previously released.
This set features plaid pants and trim (3 colors)
Shirt and jacket, Optional vest, sculpted collar/tie/cuffs,
and matching hat.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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