Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Barerose/Capcom Basara release.

New today June is releasing another Barerose/Capcom Basara release: ❤Tsuruhime❤
Available only @ The Capcom Basara Sim

Tp to Capcom Sim

Tsuruhime is the teenage Japanese girl in the series and her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow which she weilds with magical attacks!
Dont be fooled be her innocent looks as she is a fierce fighter!
The set includes shirt, jacket,skirt/w bow, socks, shoes, and sculpted collar .
Also includes her Bow and quiver.


Fritigern said...

I have been to "the capcom sim", and i have a seriously hard time believing that the place really is run, or even endorsed by Capcom.

1 - The Capcom logo is nowhere to be found. If this is capcom's place, why don't they show it?
2 - Is Capcom so poor now that they can only afford a small parcel on mainland? Surrounding parcels have other tenants in different groups.
3 - The buildings are poorly constructed. For example, the lampoons in the theater are not evenly spaced.
4 - The parcel name, nor the land group, bear no reference to Capcom at all.
5 - There is absolutely no indication that the parcel owner is affiliated with Capcom at all.
6 - There's a shrine which functions as a donation box. Does Capcom need donations now?
7 - It is nothing but a mall. There is no info about current Capcom games, no merchandise which is made by Capcom themselves. Nothing. Only 3rd party vendors.
8 - The place is PG rated. I dare anyone to show me one single Capcom game that is PG rated! Real Capcom needs a Mature rating!
9 - Try doing an in-world search for Capcom. Nothing will show up. Meaning that at this moment, there is NO official Capcom location anywhere on SL. Because Capcom would DEFINITELY make sure that they can be found in the search.

No, that place is not Capcom. If Capcom did own the place, they would first get a private sim, or several private sims, but definitely not laggy mainland. They would also make sure that the quality of the builds are way higher. And lastly, they would make sure that there can be no mistake about who runs the place, by showing off the logo everywhere they can.

I'm afraid that the good people of Bare Rose have been misled, and seem to be the victims of a scam.
I feel that B@R should pull out of that mall, and contact Capcom DIRECTLY to officially license the beautiful creations that are made by the artists of Bare Rose Tokyo.

Tori Heart said...
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Tori Heart said...

As to your Question , The Mall is based on the "Basara" video game by Capcom so not all Capcom games and such are there, only Basara.
The mall is run by a third party authorized by Capcom company, one of the biggest graphics schools in Japan (Digital Hollywood).
They are using this as a first step to get into Second Life, sort of like a test the waters kind of thing before deciding if they will persue it further. If you want more info on the points you metioned you can contact me in second life and ill pass on the info provided by June Dion :)